New board in Likvor AB


The 28th of April, at the annual general meeting of shareholders in Likvor AB, two new board members were elected; Christian Strömberg and Nils Håkansson.

Christian has a long international healthcare experience and is current employed by Bayer AB as a program leader informatics CT/X-ray and has former experiences from GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba but also from companies like Bracco and Guerbet.

Christian StrömbergChristian Strömberg

Nils is investor manager at Inlandsinnovation and is representing them as one of the shareholders in Likvor. His former experiences are from Swedbank and Öhman Fondkommission.

Nils Håkansson Nils Håkansson


The board of directors also includes:

Chairman Agneta Edberg, A Edberg Consulting AB, Board members; Kjell Öberg, Kjell Öberg konsult AB, Jesper Åkerlund, Martinsons Byggsystem KB.

Shareholders in Likvor AB:

Inlandsinnovation AB, Rovkil AB, Partnerinvest Övre Norrland AB, Stimor Invest AB, Kjell Öberg Konsult AB and Maria Wallin Wållberg, Chief executive officer






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