About Likvor

Dedicated to improving CSF-related diagnostics and care

Likvor AB is an Umeå based medical device company which has developed a system to be used in neurological investigations. Likvor CELDA System is the result of close to 40 years of research at Umeå University and Umeå University Hospital assessing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) dynamics.

Likvor AB is marketing Likvor CELDA System and CELDA Tools.

Likvor AB was established in 2007. Likvor AB first product Likvor CELDA System, was available to the market in 2009 when it was CE-marked. The company is certified according to ISO-13485.

Likvor AB continues to develop new methods and devices in the area of CSF dynamics, together with the researchers at Umeå University and Umeå University Hospital.

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Board of directors and management

The board of directors currently consists of:
Chairman Agneta Edberg

Members of the board;
Kjell Öberg, Martin Morin and Mattias Eriksson.

In addition to the board of directors Likvor is managed by:
CEO – Maria Wallin Wållberg

Together with:
Sales and Marketing Director – Maria Wallin Wållberg
Support and Quality – Kim Isaksson
Hardware – Bjarne Rolandsson



  • Title: Optimization of hydrocephalus shunt settings
    Protected by US patent No 8,679,048
  • Title: Fully Automated Method of measuring and regulating cerebrospinal fluid parameters using disposable tube-set.
    Protected by US patent No 8,109,899
  • Title: Method and Device for determining the hydrodynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid system.
    Protected by US patent application No 11/885,137


  • Pending patent application No EP10713167.4
  • Pending patent application No EP10730173.1
  • Design patent no EP 001624149


  • CELDA ® in EU
  • CELDA in the US: An application for registration has been filed for the United States


Please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for implementing CELDA System in your investigations or research.