Thank you for this year, 2016

Thanks to all customers for a fantastic year!Those of you who have not yet tested CELDA® System is welcome to do so and contact us for more information and prices! Accuracy and simplicity are the governing features when measuring CSF dynamics with CELDA® System!Holiday Greetings and Happy New Year to all customers and suppliers, and we wish that 2017 will be successful year!Likvor ABMaria Wallin Wållberg, CEO

Successful Likvor CELDA User-Meeting

In April 21-22 the Likvor CELDA User-Meeting were held in Stockholm. News about new software protocols, research in the field, benchmarking was some of the interesting topics at the meeting. During the days there were 20 participtants from European hospitals that met and discussed interesting cases and new research in the CSF dynamics field. We are looking forward to work even closer together in mutual projects in the coming future. 

Thank you all for making the User-Meeting to a success. 

Maria, Kim and Kennet

Likvor AB

New board in Likvor AB


The 28th of April, at the annual general meeting of shareholders in Likvor AB, two new board members were elected; Christian Strömberg and Nils Håkansson.

Christian has a long international healthcare experience and is current employed by Bayer AB as a program leader informatics CT/X-ray and has former experiences from GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba but also from companies like Bracco and Guerbet.

Christian Strömberg Christian Strömberg