Likvor’s ownership consolidated

An ownership group consisting of Uminova Invest, PartnerInvest and former CEO Kjell Öberg acquires Allenex' holdings in Likvor to strengthen the company's ownership structure. The medtech-company Likvor AB manufactures and sells the unique Likvor CELDA® System which can identify a way back to normalized life for millions of dementia patients with the condition NPH, also known as treatable dementia. "Allenex has over an extended period of time focused on reshaping Allenex into a global transplantation company and has allocated less capital and resources to their portfolio companies. This has created an uncertainty in the relations with both customers and potential investors", says the CEO of Uminova Invest, Patric Stafshede. "With the acquisition of Allenex' position, Likvor is fully controlled by investors who have a stated willingness to further support the company; and Allenex can continue to focus on their core business," Stafshede continues. After the acquisition Uminova Invest AB, Partnerinvest Övre Norrland AB, Stimor Invest AB and Kjell Öberg Konsult AB own all the outstanding shares in Likvor AB. Likvor CELDA® System is used with success at leading neuroclinics in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and from October 2011 in London, United Kingdom. Likvor invests further in the European market and is preparing for the US market. Every tenth dementia patient is in fact suffering from treatable dementia (NPH), a hidden and often misdiagnosed disease. Symptoms of NPH include walking disorders, mild dementia and incontinence. In both cases, the affected persons are over 55 years. Unlike dementia can NPH be treated by a relatively simple operation. Patients will have a full life back. Estimates suggest that approximately 1.4 million patients in Europe, United States and Japan suffer from NPH. Together with the fact that Likvor CELDA® System is used for diagnosis of NPH patients from other forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's the Likvor CELDA® System is a very useful tool for investigating shunt function. With the help of Likvor CELDA® System hospitals can make large savings in costs by reducing the number of shunt reoperations and human suffering. Likvor AB develops and sells products in order to properly characterize the dynamics of fluid system which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. For example, to identify patients with treatable dementia (NPH). Likvor sells and markets Likvor CELDA® System and CELDA® Tools. The activities are based on world-leading research on NPH at the regional hospital in Umeå, Umeå University.