CELDA to Copenhagen

Likvor Ltd, a medical device company in Umeå, has further strengthened its presence outside of Sweden by selling Likvor CELDA® System to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. The system is used to better diagnose patients with treatable dementia, NPH, and has attracted much attention.

Order from the Netherlands

Umeå-based medical technology company Likvor is working intensively with the international launch of the patented Likvor CELDA® System and got a prestigious order from the Netherlands. The system can provide millions of dementia patients back to life, and has attracted much attention.

Likvor’s ownership consolidated

An ownership group consisting of Uminova Invest, PartnerInvest and former CEO Kjell Öberg acquires Allenex' holdings in Likvor to strengthen the company's ownership structure. The medtech-company Likvor AB manufactures and sells the unique Likvor CELDA® System which can identify a way back to normalized life for millions of dementia patients with the condition NPH, also known as treatable dementia.