Automated CSF infusion testing for superior results

Likvor CELDA ™ System provides an automated and standardised way of assessing cerebrospinal fluid system (CFS) dynamics. By combining the latest research, advanced algorithms and multiple security systems, the instrument is safer and has better accuracy than manual methods.

Faster than External CSF Lumbar Drainage

Using Likvor CELDA System a complete examination is done in less than two hours, saving time and reducing the risk of infections.

Higher sensitivity than Tap Tests

Likvor CELDA System offers a more complete examination protocol in short time, raising the sensitivity to over 80 percent.

Standardised and objective

Likvor CELDA System provides standardized results that enable studies that compare data from different patients and research groups.

Replace manual CSF infusion methods


For preoperative examinations, we have packaged several years of research into an effective and comprehensive examination protocol called CPI, Constant Pressure Infusion. By combining several methods and including a unique pulsatility curve, we dramatically increase sensitivity and accuracy compared to traditional tap tests.


Using the CELDA System in postoperative care can avoid many unnecessary operations and can optimize shunt functionality. The CELDA Instrument makes it easy to evaluate whether unchanged or worsened symptoms can be corrected through shunt adjustment and discover any cases of shunt dysfunction that require surgical shunt revision.

CELDA System

The CELDA® System consists of an instrument, software, disposable tools, and a bed specifically made for the investigation. The instrument has built-in safety control, the pressure calibration is automated and a laser is used to set correct zero pressure level on the patient. The software comes with a user-friendly interface and several automated protocols. The system is expandable, and Likvor is continuously working with new functionality for the system. 

The CELDA Instrument and Tools

The instrument uses a high resolution peristaltic pump to perform accurate infusion of artificial CSF or drainage of CSF, and two pressure sensors are used to measure ICP.  The Likvor CELDA™ Instrument also carries a built in laser allowing the instrument to be levelled to the patient, ensuring the accuracy of recorded ICP pressures.

The CELDA™️ Tool is a sterile, disposable product to the Likvor CELDA™️ System, used for each investigation. It contains two pressure transducers for simultaneous infusion and pressure measurement and connects the instrument to the patient.

The CELDA Software and User Interface

The CELDA™️ Instrument is operated through the integrated touch-screen making operations easy and intuitive. The user interface provides real-time feedback to the operator from start to finish of an investigation.

The Likvor CELDA™ Software contains ten different optional pre-programmed protocols including the most commonly used methods to investigate CSF dynamics. In addition to built-in hardware alarm limits and a three-stage warning system, the software also controls the incoming data ensuring that investigations are performed in a safe and controlled way. 


The top section of the screen provides a continuous real-time view of pulsation, infusion stats and intracranial pressure.


The middle section of the screen provides protocol selection and a real-time view of the protocol steps and progress during an investigation.


The bottom section contains a realtime log for Notations, Results and Errors that occur during an investigation.


The examination bed is custom made for lumbar infusion investigations. There is a hole in the back, and the bed can be placed at an angle, useful for the needle punctuation. Using this method means a standardised and reliable way of performing investigations with a correctly set zero pressure level.

A complete solution for CSF assessment

CSF infusion testing

The infusion test is used to assess the hydrodynamic properties of the CSF system. Two needles are placed in the spinal canal (lumbar subarachnoid space), connecting to the CSF system. One needle is used for infusion or withdrawal of Ringer solution (artificial CSF). The CSF system is manipulated through the infusion and the corresponding pressure response is measured with the other needle. Consequently, the characteristic parameters of the system can be estimated, including important adherent statistical parameters.

Proven and improved protocols

The CELDA System includes 10 different examination protocols – making all traditional infusion test protocols, as well as our improved protocols available in a safe and automated examination process.

Pressure measurement

The CELDA System also offers a much more efficient and accurate method for pressure measurements. Instead of a conventional method providing an instant value of intracranial pressure, ICP, a 30-minute measurement using CELDA gives you much better insights, including slow waves (i.e. B-waves).

Easy implementation

Please consult with us to find the best way to implement the Likvor CELDA™ System in your operations. The instrument and tools are available for immediate delivery.


For units that provide frequent CSF examinations purchasing the CELDA System is a preferred option.


Eliminate the initial purchase cost and pay only per investigation, with a contracted annual minimum.

As a Service

A complete service option where Likvor provide equipment and a trained operator that perform the examinations.


Please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for implementing CELDA System in your investigations or research.