Investigation 1

1. Preparation

Investigations using the CELDA™ System are to be performed after prescription of a professional physician and by a trained operator. An investigation using CELDA™ begins by preparing the equipment. Likvor CELDA™ System is turned on, and the disposable tube set, CELDA™ Tool, is mounted and filled with artificial cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The pressure sensors are balanced and controlled, and patient details are registered.


Investigation 2

2. Connection

After performing a lumbar puncture on the patient, tubes on the tube set are connected to the lumbar cannulas. The patient is placed in supine position and the instrument is levelled with the patient using the built-in laser, and the data gathering begins. A relevant protocol is chosen. The Likvor CELDA™ Instrument includes ten different protocols. Three of these are commonly performed to assess CSF dynamics; a pressure measurement, a preoperative investigation and a shunt-test investigation.

Investigation 3

3. Investigation running

The patient is resting. Data is displayed in real time on a touch-sensitive monitor both numerically and graphically throughout the investigation. Likvor CELDA™ System is automatically and safely performing the programmed protocol. The operator is monitoring the investigation, and interacts with the proprietary software, CELDA™ Software, through the monitor.


Investigation 4

4. Finishing

Likvor CELDA™ System automatically ends the protocol. After completing the investigation, all data is automatically saved into an instantly usable format and saved in an encrypted file on a memory stick. The report could easily be analysed or printed from any other computer. Tubes and cannulas are removed and the investigation is finished.


Please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for implementing CELDA System in your investigations or research.