On a mission to improve CSF-related diagnostics and care

Our research and technology help a growing group of patients affected by disorders in the cerebrospinal fluid dynamics to regain cognitive abilities and stay self sufficient for a longer time in the fall of age. We are mainly addressing diseases related to CSF on the rise in the world’s aging populations.

About Likvor AB

The company is based on almost 40 years of research in the field of assessment of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics. Likvor AB’s products are CE marked and sold to hospitals and clinics with a focus on neurology and neurosurgery. Geriatric wards are also of great interest in the future. The company is certified according to ISO-13485. Likvor AB is located in Umeå, in northern Sweden, and has Swedish owners.

Our business

The main offer is our trademarked CELDA System which includes an advanced instrument, a powerful software supporting the most commonly used methods and a bed custom built for these kinds of investigations. Besides that, the offer also includes consumables since all investigations need a single-use tube set.

We are also committed to explore and develop new methods and devices in close collaboration with researchers at Umeå University and Umeå University Hospital.

investigations performed

Management & Board of directors


Carl Ekvall

Carl has since 2005 worked in the MedTech industry as CEO and Sales Director in a handful of operations within diagnostics and e-Health. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology.

Chariman of the board

Ruth Brännvall

Ruth has been investing for social purposes since the early 2000s and is the CEO of Impact Invest Scandinavia. She has a doctorate in economics & management from INDEK, KTH. Ruth holds an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK) and is a trained journalist.


Member of the board

Martin Morin

Martin is a serial entrepreneur with experience in business development from several different industries. He has made several successful exits and participated in a regional venture capital company.



Member of the board

Kjell Öberg

Former CEO of Likvor. Kjell has worked with business development in start-ups for 20 years, both as an entrepreneur and as an advisor. He has a background as a researcher in organic chemistry at Umeå University and started his first company as a doctoral student.

Patents and Trademarks

  • Title: Optimization of hydrocephalus shunt settings
    Protected by US patent No 8,679,048
  • Title: Fully Automated Method of measuring and regulating cerebrospinal fluid parameters using disposable tube-set.
    Protected by US patent No 8,109,899
  • Title: Method and Device for determining the hydrodynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid system.
    Protected by US patent application No 11/885,137
  • Pending patent application No EP10713167.4
  • Pending patent application No EP10730173.1
  • Design patent no EP 001624149
  • CELDA ® in EU
  • CELDA in the US: An application for registration has been filed for the United States

Investor Relations

Besides supporting us on our mission to increase the quality of life for in aging population, we do have a great business case. Diseases related to CSF are a global phenomenon that will grow bigger and bigger every year. Hospitals and healthcare are in need of better and cutting-edge methods. Likvor AB and the CELDA System can be used for several diseases and is unique when it comes to accuracy, efficiency and usability.
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Please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for implementing CELDA System in your investigations or research.

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