Likvor CELDA Senior Citizens NPH

Our research and technology help a growing group of patients affected by disorders in the cerebrospinal fluid dynamics to regain cognitive abilities and stay self sufficient for a longer time in the fall of age.

Improved quality of life

Efficient assessment of cerebrospinal fluid, CSF, dynamics is key in the diagnosis in several diseases on the rise in the world’s aging populations. Building on over 40 years of research, we provide state of the art tools and methods for healthcare professionals working with CSF assessment. Through improved data quality we help you bring correct treatment and increase quality of life for patients suffering from CSF-related diseases.


Faster diagnostics with high accuracy

Through our advanced infusion test protocols we combine several investigation methods into a fully automated process, providing a complete examination in under 60 minutes.

Automated tests and examination protocols

Likvor CELDA System includes several examination protocols allowing for automated infusion testing and making the results independent of patient and investigator performance.

Safe, easy to use equipment

Using both hardware and software alarm limits the CELDA System ensures that investigations are performed in a safe and controlled way.

CELDA System is a complete solution for assessing CSF dynamics

CSF Diagnostics

Higher accuracy in iNPH and iIH diagnostics

Likvor CELDA™️ System sets a new standard for diagnostics of disease linked to disturbances in the cerebrospinal fluid system such as iNPH and iIH. iNPH are often mistaken for other neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, making correct and objective assessments a high priority. By increasing efficiency and improving the data quality for healthcare professionals we help improve diagnosis and the selection of treatment for patients suffering from CSF-related disease.

CSF Shunt Control

The best way to detect CSF shunt dysfunction

The Likvor CELDA™ Instrument is not only unique as the first commercial instrument for better diagnostics of iNPH but it is also a superior instrument for testing implanted shunt devices. The CELDA Instrument lets you evaluate whether unchanged or worsened symptoms can be corrected by shunt adjustment and also to discover any cases of shunt dysfunction requiring surgical shunt revision. 


Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) dynamics

The cerebrospinal fluid system is vital to nourish the central nervous system and protect it against chemical and physical injury. Several neurological diseases are linked to disturbances in the CSF dynamics. Due to symptoms appearing similar to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or the general aging process they can easily be misdiagnosed or go undiagnosed for years without proper tools for assessing the CSF dynamics.

Benefits of infusion testing using CELDA™

Until today, CSF dynamics has been investigated in many ways with mostly non-standardised, non-commercially available equipment. Therefore, it has been difficult to gather, compare and summarise data obtained by research or from clinical investigations. Likvor CELDA™ System changes the situation for investigators working either in the clinic, with research, or both. Likvor CELDA™ System offers automatic standardised protocols including precise pressure measurements, preoperative investigations to aid in diagnosis.

Examples of what is being investigated are; determination of resistance to outflow, elasticity, pulse pressure amplitudes The system is primarily used to predict whether a patient will be helped by a shunt operation and thus have a better life situation. CELDA System ™ is also used in examinations of patients who have a shunt to determine how the shunt works.

Easy implementation

Please consult with us to find the best way to implement the Likvor CELDA™ System in your operations. The instrument and tools are available for immediate delivery.


For units that provide frequent CSF examinations purchasing the CELDA System is a preferred option.


Eliminate the initial purchase cost and pay only per investigation, with a contracted annual minimum.

As a Service

A complete service option where Likvor provide equipment and a trained operator that perform the examinations.


Please reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for implementing CELDA System in your investigations or research.