New article about prediction of shunt response – lumbar infusion test results increased the likelihood of a positive shunt outcome

The conclusion from the article “Prediction of shunt response in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus by combined lumbar infusion test and preoperative imaging scoring” written by researchers in Copenhagen: Although only indicative, lumbar infusion test results increased the likelihood of a positive shunt outcome. Pulse amplitude measures showed promising results that should be further explored in […]

Job opening: Head of Business Development & Sales

Likvor is a MedTech company with a unique diagnostic solution that targets the growing elderly population globally. The company currently sells to hospitals in the Nordics, Europe and the Middle East and participates in research projects for new applications of its technology. Likvor is in an expansion phase and is looking to capture business development […]

$14 Million Grant to Fund Clinical Trial to Study Effectiveness of Hydrocephalus Treatment

Patients diagnosed with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH), a type of brain swelling most commonly seen in older adults — and for which the underlying cause is unknown — are typically treated by surgically installing a shunt (drain) to remove the excess fluid associated with the condition. However, there is controversy in the medical community […]

Thesis on assessment of motor skills with portable sensor – improves daily care for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus patients

A portable system with sensors works well for measuring motor skills during gait and balance as well as balance in people with neurological disease. The system can facilitate the work in clinical everyday life. It shows in a new doctoral thesis by Tomas Bäcklund at Umeå University, Sweden: “Wearable systems and sensors for the assessment […]

Normal pressure hydrocephalus is discussed on Swedish national TV program “Ask the Doctor”

Professor Jan Malm, neurologist at Umeå University Hospital, visited the Swedish television program Ask the Doctor on 19 April 2021 where he explains what NPH is and what the symptoms look like. Golden Standard method to test shunts is CSF dynamics test which is offered by Likvor CELDA System. Contact Likvor at: for more […]

Likvor is partnering with GERAS Solutions to drive awareness and improve objective diagnostics of cognitive disorders

Umeå – 2021-03-10 12:55 CET By combining the two companies’ techniques and methods, specialists in neurology and neurosurgery can get a better basis for decision-making. Likvor AB and Geras Solutions have entered into a collaboration agreement where the companies work together to increase awareness, understanding of and diagnosis of dementia. The companies provide products that […]